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VorpX Crack is essentially a 3D driver for DirectX 9, 10, 11, and OpenGL that gives you the ability to play many standards and modern games – games not specifically designed for VR – on your Rift and Vive. It was designed by rabid gamers for rabid gamers and is for anyone who likes the idea of total immersion.

VorpX Serial Key is not just for gaming, it also has a desktop viewer that allows you to work with your VR headsets as you would on a normal monitor, plus a 3D movie theater that works with VLC and MPC-HC.

Support for Oculus Touch and Vive motion controllers has also been added; if you are using WMR the drivers will look like Live rods. While your standard 2D games can’t really be used at room-scale with full motion control, the controllers can be fully mapped in a way that makes their use advantageous over a keyboard and mouse.

Screenshots Of VorpX

https://easyserialkeys.com/vorpx-crack-torrent-free-updated/ https://easyserialkeys.com/vorpx-crack-torrent-free-updated/ vorpx menu local profiles screen 01



  • DirecVR is a collection of various techniques that provide VR support for “normal” games with the least need for user interaction. Direct VR can, for example, optimize game settings, choose an optimized resolution, adjust the camera’s field of view, or provide perfect low-latency head tracking. Currently, there is at least one Direct VR feature available for over 150 games.

VR controller support

  • You can play games with classic input methods like mouse and keyboard or your gamepad, but also with your virtual reality controllers. vorpX can map normal game controls to VR controllers and display the current map in VR, making it very intuitive.

Various reading styles

  • While first-person games are generally best played in FullVR mode, vorpX also offers play styles that are better suited for third-person games (immersive screen) or even sports/strategy games (cinema).

Cloud-based user-profiles and configurations

  • Easily share and import settings and even profiles for games that vorpX does not officially support directly from the VorpX settings application.

Free desktop viewer

  • With vorpX Desktop Viewer, you can use your PC on your VR headset. Surf the web, make a Skype call, watch videos, or even write text on a virtual screen. This is possible thanks to the VorpX Keygen Desktop Viewer. (Windows 8 or higher is required for this feature).

Watch videos and movies in 3D

  • VorpX comes with special profiles for two of the most popular video players, VLC and MPC-HC. You can play any 2D or 3D video that works with these players on your headphones using vorpX’s Crystal Image feature for maximum image clarity. Includes support for immersive 360 ° videos.

3D stereo geometry and 3D stereo quick depth buffer

  • For many games, you can switch between a 3D geometry model that renders everything twice and a faster but less accurate 3D post-fx method. Very useful for playing even more demanding games on mid-range machines at VR compatible frame rates.

EdgePeek + ImageZoom

  • EdgePeek and/or ImageZoom make it easy to view screen elements that would otherwise be hidden in the Rift, such as maps, health indicators, etc. It also allows you to look around you while the cut scenes are being played back as if you were looking at a screen in front of you, effectively minimizing nausea induced by still camera cut scenes.

System Required

  • CPU: Intel the Core Duo 2.4 GHz.
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Graphics Card: Graphic Card 256 MB and GeForce 8400 GTS and better
  • Disk Space: 2 GB HDD
  • Game mode: single/multiplayer
  • Storage: 400 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible.

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VorpX Crack + Torrent Free Updated Edition Download

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